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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Pennies From Where?
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  1. Mark Stokes

    This is brilliant, Chris! When can we play this game?

  2. Mastercodex

    I always figured it was their change from the beer they didn’t buy

  3. JakeLives!

    Finally some has solved the age old question!

  4. DadaHyena

    I really hate having to reference ‘Scott Pilgrim’, but it makes you wonder how many coins those bad guys had shoved inside of them…

    But hey, look! There’s ROCK/MEGA MAN!

  5. JakeLives!

    Enough coins for bus fare I suppose.

  6. JakeLives!

    I just realized Arisa’s pose is from Streets of Rage 2. This storyline is the gift that keeps on giving.

  7. Natasha

    Aw that’s no fun! I thought that the coins were supposed to be magically sucked into your inventory when you touched them D:

  8. Mastercodex

    One of the more legitimate answers would be the townspeople shower you with coins for killing the evil monsters that plagued them.

  9. Bartimaeus

    This explains a lot.

  10. Chris

    Mark: If you’re talking about the bar game in the final panel, that’s currently available everywhere drinks and loss of common sense are sold… ;)
    Mastercodex: Maybe it’s beer money, unless they blew it all on arcade games. :D
    JakeLives: Every parent knows this is where things disappear to… and brownie points for the SoR catch! ;)
    DadaHyena: Brownie points for your catch, too! Any idea where they backgrounds are from, or are they too obscured?
    Natasha: No magic. Just powerful lungs! ;D
    Bartimaeus: And opens up all sorts of new questions, no doubt… Coins are one thing, but how about all those small animals from Sonic the Hedgehog? :D

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