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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Bind Leading The Bind
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  1. Mastercodex

    What about the other 2 directions

  2. Chris

    Mastercodex, in some regions of videogamopia, the only possible other two directions would be up and down… :)

  3. Natasha

    I love the elaborate outfits ^_^

  4. Mastercodex

    But from your shifting game styles, wouldn’t that mean the world would make and close paths in a shifting fashion o3o?

    And the style of game they are in right now seems to be open for multiple directions :D?

    Or I could shut up, your the writer here o3o

  5. Chris

    Natasha: Thanks :) It’s fun to draw them in a completely different context.
    Mastercodex: How dare you poke holes in my plot holes! ;) Seriously, though, there is method to my madness. Each character reacts to the world in a way consistent with their game type of origin. “Nolic” comes from classic table-top RPGs, so he’s the most flexible in how he views the world. Kid Omega and… Ninjarisa… come from platform games, so they see things in 2D terms. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it. ;)

  6. JakeLives!

    I once spent several hours circling Waikiki because of a friend who uses the exact same logic as Arisa. Unfortunately you can’t call a cab when lost in an RPG.

  7. Chris

    But you got to really EXPERIENCE Waikiki, right? I’m sure your friend used that kind of excuse. ;) (I remember one of the Phantasy Stars had these items you could use to teleport back to the last visited town… Now THAT would be the way to travel.)

  8. JakeLives!

    I think that was Phantasy Star 2 or 4. Probably 4 because that one had everything.

    We had a great time in Waikiki and saw the parts most other Sailors don’t… mainly because we ended up in the parts without bars. Found a great little anime shop though.

  9. cassbear

    My favorite part about this strip is her pose in the last panel — I don’t know if it was intentional, but she looks very “Bloom County,” I love it. To me, it works well with the tone of her reply (at least as I hear it in my head).

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