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Well, hello there. Ready for some comics again? Because I’m planning to start the return to normality here on Monday. But for today–ho-ho! today–I have the last of the Odori Park Minicast podcastraveganza! (I just sorta like typing that, if you were curious.)

I start out with very little on my mind in this episode, which leads me to expound on writing, stream of consciousness, and some really bad high school fiction I wrote…

I hope you’ve been leaving me comments or sending me notes–I’d love to hear what you think about these Minicasts–and in the meantime, I’m busy working up Monday’s comic. Hooray!

I intend to post new Minicast episodes from here on out at a rate of one a week, although I haven’t settled on the day. Maybe Friday makes sense! Or Thursday. Because Thursday’s lonely, and wants attention.

Click! :: Odori Park Minicast Episode 5: Samazama Na Koto

(I’ll get a proper audio player inserted here after my trip, but for now, please download the MP3 and play as you please.)

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