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I’m nearly back from vacation at this point, but not altogether back, physically or mentally. So, more bonus Minicasts!

This episode focuses on my wedding anniversary, my proposal to my wife, and dives a bit into the real and the not so real origins of Colin and Arisa’s relationship. The audio gets hard to hear about a minute in, for a couple minutes in total. I’ll clean that up once I master the secrets of GarageBand, but in the meantime, just turn up your volume for a bit and pretend you’re sitting right in the car with me…

One more coming this week, on Friday! (Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday…)

Click! :: Odori Park Minicast Episode 4: Kekkon Kinenbi

(I’ll get a proper audio player inserted here after my trip, but for now, please download the MP3 and play as you please.)

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