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Our big move is complete, and I’m largely back on top of things again. Enough so, at least, to start drawing Odori Park again! This has been an artistically painful three weeks, being away from my drawing table, but I also need to express my thanks to all of you folks who kept on coming back during the hiatus; my traffic numbers didn’t take a dip at all, which helps me feel like I’ve hardly been away.

Unfortunately, I did hiccup one more time this week, with a miss on Wednesday, but I have a little something that I hope will make it up to you, and allow me to cover up another move-induced gaffe from last month:

On the 17th of February, criminal comics mastermind Aidan Casserly, the villain responsible for unleashing Scapula on the unsuspecting populace, ran a guest strip I created for him before my move prep took over my schedule. Aidan told me when the strip would run, but being as that was the exact day we were skipping town, I completely goofed and failed to let anyone know it was online! Please allow me to rectify that mistake–and give those of you who aren’t regular Scapulites a bit more bonus comickery to make up for Wednesday–by sharing my foray into the world of disfunctional supercrooks.

One more important date that very nearly snuck up on me this year: Next Tuesday, March 13th, will mark the third anniversary of Odori Park! Please spread the word to anyone you think might be keen on my little comic. I’d love to celebrate this anniversary by sharing Odori Park with loads of new readers. Thanks!


  1. Natasha

    Huh, the anniversary is on my mom’s birthday ^_^
    Anyways, I’m glad that everything went well with the move :D

  2. DadaHyena

    Your comic was great! Why so serious, Chris? WHY SO SERIOUS?!

  3. Chris

    Natasha: Well, I may have been a bit premature in assuming the post-move chaos was smoothed out as much as I needed… but all in all, we have all our limbs, and most of our sanity, so… success!
    DadaHyena: Have you ever danced with the cartoonist by the pale moonlight?

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