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Thank you to everyone who has shared their good wishes for our big move to Massachusetts! As I feared, this move has consumed every waking moment the past several days. We’re at our new home in Mass. now, as of just a couple days ago–although the rest of our stuff won’t arrive for another couple days. Then I can get my studio back together, my computer reconnected to the Internet, and my life back to normal enough to start posting comics again! In the meantime, thanks for your patience and good thoughts. So far, all is going as much to plan as total chaos can. :)


  1. Natasha

    Good luck in Massachusetts :D (Though, it’s still wayyyy too far away Dx )

  2. Trevor Kent

    Sorry we didn’t get to give you a Rochesterian Sendoff (3 White Hot Garbage Plates and an Abbots Custard), but I hope we can see you in Massachusetts sometime in the near future! Good Luck, Chris!

  3. jynksie

    Welcome to New England neighbor. I’m just up the road in NH. Once you get settled, hit me up. I’ll introduce you to the area. [I'm 35 miles north of Boston].

  4. Bill White

    Nice work here! Welcome to Massachusetts! My sympathies.

  5. Chris

    Natasha: Yeah, it’s far from a lot of things now, for us, too :) Thanks for the luck!
    Trevor: Oh, that would have been the gift that kept on giving, huh? Hope to see you guys soon!
    Jynksie: Hey, that would be a great idea! I’ll look forward to hitting you up sometime soon!
    Bill: Thank you! Really, maybe it’s the state that should get your sympathies ;) Just digging into your artwork via your blog–wonderful!

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