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I promised early in the week I’d explain what I’ve been up to that caused me to gaffe and miss an update (which, I assure you, still genuinely pains me). Here’s the news: I have a new day job starting in late February, and I’m gearing up for a big move. A move from western New York state to Massachusetts. The Framingham area, near Boston, to be more specific.

What does that mean for Odori Park? In truth, really very little (which is part of the whole point of putting a comic up on the Web; it doesn’t matter where you and I are in the world, as long as we both have a net connection), but there are two likely impacts:

  1. I’m probably going to miss another update or two, particularly in the climax of the move, before this is all over (but, by the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, I’ll aim to prevent it).
  2. I will need to make some new comic-making friends! Are you a comicker or a reader out near Boston? Care to shoot me a line? I would honestly love to make your acquaintance.

One more thing to consider is that Boston and environs have a lot more comic shows and events going on throughout the year than Rochester, NY. I am, for example, pretty keen on the idea of finally checking out the New England Webcomics Weekend. So there’s that to look forward to.

And that’s the long and the short of it. Mostly a non-event for you on the other side of the screen, but things’ll be hoppin’ over here for the next few weeks! Hope to hear from some of you in the MetroWest and Boston areas!


  1. Natasha

    Perhaps you could move to California instead? :D

  2. Tim

    Congrats, Chris! I know how upsetting both a new job and a missed update can be… because I just accomplished both! (without the logistical nightmare of moving a family). As a New Yorker I ironically get to Boston more than your previous hometown… so next time I’ll look you up for a cup of coffee or tea or whatever you drink!

  3. Trevor Kent

    We will miss you in Rochester, Chris! Hopefully we can meet up at a con, and maybe you can even come visit some day!

  4. Chris

    Natasha: If you can give me a job and cover relocation, let’s talk! ;) Thanks for the thought, though!
    Tim: Thank you! Congrats on YOUR new job, by the way. I’d love to connect, so definitely shoot me a note when you’ll be in the area!
    Trevor: Believe me, I’ll miss you guys, too! We’ll have to gather before I go, and hey–there are some good shows up Boston-way! :)

  5. Kez

    We get to crash at your place for BCC and NEWW right? RIGHT??!!!! Hahaha, we’ll certainly miss you here in Rochester!

  6. George

    Congrats on the big move! I know it will take some getting used to being in a new environment, but it should be loads of fun as well. We’ll cut you some slack in the update dept. :D

  7. Max

    Welcome to the best state in the union! ^^

  8. Chris

    Kez: If you can fit, and my wife doesn’t object, you can stay. ;) I’ll miss you guys too, but I’m glad, at least, that comics are a small world!
    George: Thanks! Appreciate both the good wishes and the slack. :)
    Max: Thank you kindly! (New York, don’t hold it against me.)

  9. Johnny Blaze

    WOW. That sounds cool. Can’t be worse than NY :)

  10. Francisco

    Good luck with the move.

    Congratulations on the new job.

  11. SpilledInkGuy

    I’d just like to echo what everyone has already said here, Chris…
    congratulations and the best of luck with the move!
    Been there - done that (it’s always painful), but I’m hoping everything goes as well as it possibly can! :)

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