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I fell behind during the blur of December, but I didn’t want to fail to send a thanks out–belated though it is–to Jason Yungbluth, a fellow western NY cartoonist who wrote up a shining endorsement of Odori Park last month (along with similar kind words for my music making cousin, Benjamin Jameson Morey) at his site, WhatIsDeepFried.com. Be warned that Jason’s work is decidedly adult in tone and language, but assuming that doesn’t bother you, please check out his site. If you’re not already familiar with his cartooning (and you may be; he draws for MAD Magazine, for crying out loud) and his strip, Weapon Brown, then prepare to see the work of a cartoonist of the most classic caliber. Thanks, Jason!

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  1. jason Yungbluth

    Thanks Chris. I must say, though, your Captcha’s are remarkably easy to defeat. You need the safety and security of Protectoglyphs, my site’s security feature. Protectoglyph’s generates a string of fifteen Egyptian hieroglyphs, each describing a story from the life of Amenhotep III. If you can’t decrypt the story’s moral in eight seconds, a virus is released to destroy all your personal data. Now THAT is security.

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