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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Speechless
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  1. Natasha

    “Oh, and they wanted me to tell you happy holidays…Colin, are you alright?”

  2. Francisco

    That reminds me of an episode of Weesh.

    My questions are: Where did the TV crew come from? Why would they be coming with her parents?

  3. George

    Whoa! This is gonna be some Christmas for this clan. Can’t wait to see how this pans out. :)

  4. DadaHyena

    What could possibly go wrong with a camera crew?

    …well, other than “Cannibal Holocaust” or “The Blair Witch Project”.

  5. SpilledInkGuy

    If that isn’t a *dun dun dun* moment, I don’t know what is! :)

  6. Chris

    Natasha: That’s the technique, right? Sandwich the bad news in good? :)
    Francisco: Ah, all will be revealed in time… (Never heard of Weesh before. Just checked the link–yep, that’s spot on, isn’t it! :)
    George: Hope to entertain, George!
    DadaHyena: And the Street Fighter movie–there’s a celluloid disaster…
    SpilledInk: Wish I could attach a soundtrack to this! :D

  7. Manu

    i lvoe that all the girls have more meat on their limbs than the guys. They are drawn like 17+ year olds while the boys couldn’t pass for more than 14.I think this is the clsseot thing I’ve seen to “Spumco style” girls: baby faces with big cute eyes, humor combined with sex appeal.

  8. Shidiq

    just went to Brian’s site. The article is <3 (and glad to hear simtehong about Charity Larrison getting a gig! WooT!) and also glad to hear Lea Hernandez will be next up on the interview queue. Bookmarked the blog. Great reading.

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