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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Itsy Bitsy
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  1. DadaHyena

    Anyone remember the Gary Larson cartoon about the woman with the bee in her car? Arisa’s reaction isn’t quite as restrained.

  2. kidz

    This was great!!! LoL!!!

  3. Natasha

    I do remember! I love The Far Side :)
    Though, if I were Arisa, my car wouldn’t look so…intact

  4. George

    She’s lucky she didn’t straight veer off the road. I have to be careful when spying a spider while driving. I’ll go bananas!

  5. SpilledInkGuy

    I’m the designated ’spider patrol guy’, too.
    Come to think of it… I didn’t really volunteer for that, though!

  6. Chris

    DadaHyena: I loved that one. :)
    Kidz: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!
    Natasha: I guess she’s a gentle crasher… :)
    George: As you can guess, this one is inspired by a true life event, and let me say, the car tissue box didn’t survive the defensive maneuvers, but I stayed on the road!
    SpilledInk: Nobody volunteers, Robert. This is war!

  7. Mark Stokes

    Now there’s one back seat driver that’s a real nuisance!

  8. Puck

    A friend and I were driving in Hawaii when we noticed something like a beetle or cockroach on the dashboard…. We both had quiet, nervous-laughter-filled freak outs, until it neatly solved our problems by climbing into one of the vents and apparently frying itself….. Filling the car with the oddly delicious smell of roasting insect. =/

  9. Chris

    Hope the smell didn’t haunt that car for long. :)

  10. Bryan Scott Oliver

    I’ve actually nearly crashed into a freeway median due to a spider dropping down from the visor… I crossed three lanes before I got control of the car again. Thankfully there was no one on the freeway.

  11. Chris

    Smart spider, when you think about it. You’re too big for it to poison and wrap up, so it’ll just suck out the juicy goodness after the firey crash… :)

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