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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Tan-Tan-Tanuki
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  1. Natasha

    Aww :)
    I like how Sprout says Papa instead of Daddy. Growing up, I’d always call my dad папачка or папа; I guess it’s just a Russian thing…

  2. SpilledInkGuy

    Maybe it’s just a misprint?!

  3. Ray Pelzer

    Yes, Sprout, it’s too scary to discuss until you’re a bit older

  4. bearman

    Ears, Eyes??? What?

  5. jynksie

    I’m guessing its something most men have until they say “I do”, then the wives take em and then the hubbys “dont” have em anymore! …. keeping it family friendly I is! [grin]

  6. Khalid Birdsong

    I’m loving this! I know a thing or two about living with a tanuki! They can be scary!

  7. Natasha

    Oh wow, I didn’t even realize until I read the comments. Dx

  8. George

    If Sprout doesn’t have any questions, I have quite a few, papa. :)

  9. CyberSkull

    Just watch Pom Poko.

  10. David Wilborn

    Hah! The more tanuki comics, the better: http://www.urbanjunglecomic.com/?p=2028

  11. Tina

    Blush! Gotta vet those folksy tales, ayep.

  12. Mark Stokes

    Is that a Tanuki in that children’s book or are you just happy not to read it?

  13. Gyrre

    For the ignorant, the male tanooki have large scrotums.

  14. Chris

    Yeah, I tried to be subtle about that, but maybe a bit too subtle?

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