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My six year-old son has really taken a shine to drawing comic strips lately. My corruption of his impressionable young mind is nearly complete. (Note that he’s even drawing his latest masterpieces on my $1 Target Spider-Man notepad. I’m insidious.)

With his latest work, my boy presented a request for me to again post it to the Web. That’s a habit I’m happy to enable. Please see the latest by clicking the thumbnail. (You’ll note the blocked out byline; we try to keep our l’il ‘uns sheltered from the infamy of the Internet as much as we can.)

You can see by the title that I’d recently been showing him some Baman Piderman cartoons. I had no idea they’d made such an impression. Maybe it’s because we just came out of the perfect season to “hab da pumkin.”


  1. Lynne

    Very nice! I love when Paedrman swings into action. :-) Like daddy like big boy. :-)

  2. Natasha

    That’s better handwriting than mine was when I was little :)
    (Not that it’s improved since then ; )

  3. Chris

    Lynne: Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that we both also have a terrified fascination with spiders themselves…
    Natasha: And yet, I’ve learned they’ve stopped teaching cursive handwriting in schools. This may be as good as it gets. :)

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