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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Poltergripes
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  1. Natasha

    I love the dramatic lighting/coloring in this strip :)

  2. Francisco

    I think that somebody has been watching too much Paranormal Activity.

  3. Chris

    Thanks, Natasha! It’s been a fun experiment.
    I have to tell you, Francisco, I have steered clear of those movies… The first one looked interesting, but as soon as they put a baby in danger in the second one, I lost interest; life looks a lot different when you’re a dad. :)

  4. DadaHyena

    The three panels of this comic has way more action than the entire film “Paranormal Activity”.

  5. jynksie

    Just caught up on your halloween storyline here, very much liking it Chris! 3 thumbs up! o.O

  6. Francisco

    I saw a bit of the first one, got freaked out and gave the DVD to someone else.

    I’ve got too much of an active imagination for horrors.

  7. George

    I like your approach to this subject matter, Chris. It’s gonna be interesting to see how Colin handles this eerie phenomenon. :)

  8. Natasha

    “I’ve got too much of an active imagination for horrors.”
    Yeah, me too. The stuff I think about on my own is already creepy enough, I don’t need help…

  9. Mark Stokes

    If you see “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Easton” written on a foggy mirror, you’ll know you’re on to something!

  10. SpilledInkGuy

    I think I’d be with Collin on this one.
    Well, in spirit, anyway.
    From out front. Where it’s a bit safer.

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