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Leave it to me to not announce an October promotion until nearly halfway through the month. The most mysterious thing this Halloween may be how I manage to keep this comic going. (Insert winky face.)

So, over the summer, you may or may now know, I released this bookOdori Park: East Marries West is a collection of the first year of OP comic strips, plus gobs of additional material, including a flattering forward by Brock Heasley of SuperFogeys fame, artwork from around the Web, dips into my sketchbook, and a 24-hour comic that was a spiritual predecessor to the Odori Park of today.

Being that drawing gratuitous Halloween pictures is one of my favorite things to do this time of year, and that selling books is also something I love, I figured I’d mash the two together. With every book (regular edition or artist edition, either flavor) I sell through the end of October, I’ll include a free spooky sketch card, featuring some sort of ghoul or goblin, likely mutated from one of the characters in Odori Park. If you’d like a surprising bit of spirited artwork along with a copy of what I think is fair to call the year’s funniest comic strip collection about a Japanese-American couple, now’s the time to order! Just shuffle over to the Store page! And fang you very munch!

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