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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Pirate Logic
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  1. Natasha

    Is Sprout playing with Duplos? :D

  2. reynard61

    Pirates of the Carob Bean starring Johnny Deep as Captain Jack Spare Rib…

  3. Glen

    Legos! :D

  4. SpilledInkGuy

    Sprout is really up on the treasure exchange rate!
    Legos = best toys ever, btw!

  5. Chris

    Natasha: Close. Good old fashioned Legos, I would say.
    reynard61: Hah! There’s a role he could sink his teeth into.
    Glen: I thought that might catch your attention!
    SpilledInk: It pays to be aware of these things! (And we’re swimming in Lego these days… Our eldest just had his sixth birthday.) :)

  6. Natasha

    Am I the only one here who played with Legos AND Duplos as a kid? D:

  7. Chris

    Hey, they fit together! We still play with ‘em both. :)

  8. Mark Stokes

    I think they should officiially change their name to Carob Bean! It’s way cute!

  9. stjerne

    LEGO LEGO LEGO! I did phoenix Comicon with Cactus Brick. On setup day I had the work crews chanting LEGO LEGO LEGO! To keep the Lego intact use a brick separater it is a little wedge with a grippy thing at the end. Use two of them together to separate the thin lego called plates.

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