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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: The Proposal: Part 4
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  1. Natasha

    I love Arisa’s expression in the second panel :)
    And the third panel is very pretty, I like the clouds in the background ^^

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    [...] of “The Proposal” went up late, past the time most decent folk were in bed. If today’s comic seems to be missing something, go back and read Friday’s episode to fill in the gap. [...]

  3. Chris

    Thanks, Natasha. I have a thing for funky clouds.

  4. SpilledInkGuy

    a little ring bling never hurts…

  5. DadaHyena

    She speaks with two voices at once…call the Exorcist!

  6. bearman

    They are about to give new meaning to the term “grave diggers”

  7. George

    I’ve just misplaced my wedding ring, so I know how you feel Colin. Yikes! I’d better find it when I get home.

  8. Mark Stokes

    “Find the ring!” Great line! Beautiful work in that final panel, Chris. BTW, I voted for you in the TGT Webcomics Tournament. It was a great podcast!

  9. Puck

    Meh, better than the guy who wanted to literally “pop” the question…. He bought a ridiculously expensive ring. And then put it in a helium balloon…..

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