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The last few days have been pretty busy ones. Teaching my 5 year-old son to play Magic: The Gathering, and eating half a moldy Pop-Tart aside, here are a few important things that happened:

Late last week I received word from the printer that the first copies of Odori Park: East Marries West will be shipping to me on the 17th! If you’ve preordered a copy (and it’s not too late, you know), I should be able to ship it out to you before the end of the month.

TGT Webcomics Tournament:
If you voted for Odori Park in round two of Kurt Sasso’s competition, thank you for your efforts! I ultimately lost to the esteemed Alex Heberling (check out her comic, Alex’s Guide), but not before votes dragged OP up past her mountain of supporters, only to be cast down in a 30-vote tumble on the last day. Threats were issued, troops were rallied, and in the end, my grand consolation prize was learning what a fantastic and devoted group of readers I have! (Special mention goes to Natasha, who set an hourly alarm to remind herself to vote. Wow!) Thank you, everyone!

A New Strip:
Friday’s installment of “The Proposal” went up late, past the time most decent folk were in bed. If today’s comic seems to be missing something, go back and read Friday’s episode to fill in the gap.


  1. Natasha

    Why would you ever have to eat half a moldy Pop-Tart? o_0
    And thank you for the special mention :)

  2. Chris

    Ah, well, it wasn’t intentional, I can tell you that! The hairs growing off the bottom were my first clue.

  3. SpilledInkGuy

    I also noticed that although all the brackets were occupied by very talented people, yours racked-up WAY more total votes (almost 7:1 vs. other slots at times). And it was SO close… I really wish I was somewhat observant - I would have entered the voting much sooner…

  4. George

    And I just found my wedding ring today too, so it’s a good day for both of us. Now, as for Arisa, however….

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