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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: The Proposal: Part 2
2011/8/10 - "The Proposal: Part 2" First ComicPrevious ComicNext ComicLast Comic
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  1. bearman

    I am glad my wife didn’t second guess my proposal venue.

  2. SpilledInkGuy

    Hahaha… I’m with Bearman…
    mine was a lot more questionable than a restaurant! :)

  3. Natasha

    I predict that Colin left the wedding ring at the restaurant ^.^

  4. George

    I recognize that look of worry well.

  5. kidzcomic

    “somewhere fantastically romantic” … that’s about as good as a cliff hanger as I’ve read in awhile :-) Friday can’t come soon enough!

  6. Natasha

    I just noticed that when Arisa talks, the Japanese characters are written underneath the English translation. Clever :)

  7. Chris

    Bearman: Now I want to know where! :)
    SpilledInk: C’mon, guys, now you gotta spill!
    George: Sort of akin to the “did I just lock my keys in the car?” look…
    kidzcomic: That’s music to my ears! :)
    Natasha: Ah, time will tell! By the way, I’m glad you noticed the Japanese. I’d been wanting to try that technique for a while, and I’m glad it worked out.

  8. Mark Stokes

    This strip is really fun, it really moves. Love the expression on Colin’s face in the last panel.

  9. Chris

    That’s a kind compliment, Mark. Thanks!

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