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Just a quick update, folks: Thanks for helping me pass through the first round of Kurt Sasso’s webcomic battle royale. Round 2 is on now, and Odori Park needs votes, if I’m going to have the opportunity to land a second interview on the podcast, and to score some swag to share with you. Please head over and vote, if you can: TGT Webcomics Tournament, Round 2. Thanks!

Here’s the prize list, by the way. I haven’t yet figured out how I’ll pass the winnings along, but I’m thinking some sort of contest would be in order. Feel free to comment with your ideas!
  • Webcomics: What’s Cooking? cookbooks
  • Limited edition Lar deSouza magnets
One of the following:
  • So Super Duper prize pack
  • Package of Eben07 books and 2x Nerf Mavericks
  • WAGON Card Battle Delta Deck with Brentafloss card


  1. SpilledInkGuy

    I’m sorry, Chris… I have no idea how I missed this post…
    let me just see what I can do about this…

  2. Natasha

    I’m still voting every hour =)
    (My phone has unlimited data, I’m not sitting at home all day. Just to make that clear x)

    And yeah, a contest would be fun ^^

  3. Chris

    SpilledInk: Thanks, Robert! I appreciate it!
    Natasha: That’s dedication! Thank you! Hopefully I can make it worth your while :)

  4. Natasha

    Sorry you didn’t make it to round 3 :(
    If it’s any consolation, Indivdually, Odori Park got the second-most amount of votes. ^^

  5. Chris

    It is a good consolation, Natasha. I learned a lot about what a wonderful group of readers I have. :) Thank you!

  6. Kurt Sasso

    I just wanted to say congratulations on making it as far as you did Chris! That was a nail-biter at the end and honestly it was the most exciting match-up I’ve seen since the Semi-Finals of the First Tournament!

    You have a great and amazing comic, wonderful group of fans and readers and a wonderful person as well.

    I’d love to have you on as a co-host whenever your schedule allows it, you’re always welcome on TGT!

  7. Chris

    Kurt, thanks very much! Over 700 votes–it felt like a marathon, but with a bunch of readers carrying me along :)
    I’ll certainly be taking you up on that co-host offer!

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