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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: The Proposal: Part 1
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  1. dgriff13

    ooooooh no, I think I know why we see Mr. Slurp-er behind them…..

  2. Natasha

    That reminds me of the time when I accidentally knocked my mom’s wedding ring into the garbage disposal in our sink. I have no clue how my dad got it out, but he did ^.^

    Also, the first panel is cool-looking =)

  3. George

    I really like your inclusion of the “slurper” for some reason. He adds a lot to the realism of the scene. :)

  4. whitey

    Ooh, looking forward to the rest of this story! Does “no way” mean “no” or is she just surprised?

    Also really digging the new format. Is this whole storyline going to be laid out like that?

  5. Chris

    Dawn: I have to hear your theory! :D
    Natasha: Gads! Well, you were just giving your dad the chance to be a hero, right? (Thanks, too!)
    George: Well, thanks! You guys have me thinking now, though, that the “slurper” might need to appear elsewhere, like a Where’s Waldo kind of thing… ;)
    Whitey: Great! Can’t tell you the answer to your question, btw–you’ll just have to read on! ;) As for the layout, we’ll see, but it’ll probably be some variation. (I started this story for print–where it will eventually end up again–but that means I had to get creative with the layout for the site.)

  6. SpilledInkGuy

    Oh man!
    I never would have guessed - poor Colin - I feel his pain!
    I just hope this doesn’t put me off my noodles!

  7. Trevor Kent

    I also like the Slurper. I remember being told by my Japanese professor about slurping in Japan while watching the movie “Tanpopo” in class.” It’s considered a sign of respect to slurp, because that means that you really like the food.

  8. Chris

    SpilledInk: Tears make the best broth, you know. Naturally salty.
    Trevor: It’s also one more thing we gaijin traditionally have a heck of a time accomplishing, probably after so many years of being told not to slurp :)

  9. Mark Stokes

    That opening panel is wild! I like your experimentation, Chris. I love where you’re going with this story. Great interior restaurant shot, too!

  10. Chris

    I aim to please, Mark! Glad you like it so far.

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