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Bilbo BagginsI’ve been reading The Hobbit to my five year-old son (five and three-quarters, as he prefers to hear it stated) lately, and I had the urge last night to try drawing our old friend, Bilbo Baggins, as though I had no prior concept of him from artwork, cartoons, and movies. I sort of failed–it’s almost impossible for me to divorce Bilbo from the image I have in my mind’s eye spawned by the 1977 Rankin Bass cartoon–but I gave it the old Hobbiton try. Thought I’d share. (Click the thumbnail image for a closer look.) Maybe I’ll do more; it was a fun, if not entirely successful, sort of experiment.


  1. Oldskoolguitar

    Not bad it has been a while since I read the hobbit. I wounder if I start if I’ll see this in my head from now on.

  2. Chris

    At least until Peter Jackson’s movie comes out, maybe :)

  3. Natasha

    I like it :)

  4. Chris

    Thanks, Natasha! I appreciate it.

  5. Wolf Lover

    It’s pretty good for someone who hasn’t even seen a picture of him! :D

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