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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Organic Nightmare
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  1. diTaykan

    She needs to go to the Sunflower Market. I just got like four pounds of cherries for $8 and two pints of blackberries for $4.

    Eggs do tend to be pricey, but personally? I think the cage-free ones are worth it if you don’t have your own birds. Poor chickens.

  2. George

    She must be campaigning for Mother of the Year. That’s how you win, Arisa!:)

  3. SpilledInkGuy


  4. Chris

    diTaykan: There’s a woman who sells organic, grass-fed, free-range meats of all sorts at our local farmer’s market. You can really taste the difference! Now, where’s this Sunflower Market?
    George: Here’s my wife’s trick: She’ll take our sons to McDonald’s, buy the Happy Meal Toy, and leave–no food, just the toy. :)
    SpilledInk: Maybe I should rig this up to play the McDonald’s jingle after the last panel? ;)

  5. Natasha

    ‘I’m lovin’ it’

  6. jynksie

    Since the wife and I switched to organics, our food bill is 2.5 times more expensive. My body is also going through some kind of change now that it has to digest unprocessed food. I think I’ve confused it! o.O …. I’ve not eaten fast food in my adult life, but finding out how much of my regular diet was just as bad was eye opening.

  7. Daniel

    Those prices are the regular prices here in Hawai’i.

  8. Chris

    Jynksie: Sorry I missed your comment. It’s enlightening. I think I’ve had a similar experience.
    Daniel: Egads! The organics aisle must be kept under lock and key, then.

  9. John Richards

    Organic. I thought she was quoting regular prices which, sadly, seemed a bit low for the cost these days.

  10. Edohiguma

    The organic stuff in the US is getting a big silly. I mean, we’ve had “organic” here for years now and the prices aren’t inflated like that. Though, we don’t call it “organic” (which, to me, smells of a misnomer anyway), we call it “biologic”. Our milk, for example, is pretty much of the highest quality, as long as it’s produced in country (though, I’ve never seen foreign milk in our shelves, it would never sell), and for the price in the comic you can get a gallon and a half here.

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