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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Lack Of Four Sight
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  1. Francisco

    They don’t need to drive — they could walk, catch the metro/undergound (if there’s one), etc.

    Alternatively, if they need a car to get there, they could call a friend to take them.

  2. Francisco

    Just thought of an alternative, they tape one set of glasses together and then drive there. The only problem with that is the person who’s driving would not look “cool” until they got new ones (unless they wanted to go for the Harry Potter look ;-) ).

  3. Fiona

    What are these glasses made out of, rice crackers?

    Or is Arisa secretly a superhero =o

  4. Natasha

    Nice strip ^^

  5. SpilledInkGuy

    Hahaha… that broken glasses look is far to easy to achieve.

  6. George

    I laughed hard at this one, Chris. This should be a sit-com for real. :)

  7. reynard61


  8. Mark Stokes

    Yeah, that’s another great fear. Driving to the optometrist without being able to see the road. Great fun!

  9. Chris

    Francisco: (Welcome!) But what if they accidentally taped the wrong two halves together? They might wind up driving in circles forever!
    Fiona: I’ll never tell her secrets!
    Natasha: Thanks :)
    SpilledInk: Tell me about it! (How come I never see glasses on your avatar, btw?)
    George: Thank you! Know anybody at the networks? :)
    Reynard: Ah, there’s a thought!
    Mark: I had an uncle like that, except he didn’t let it stop him…

  10. Oye Just Chill

    its very nice post great job and thanks for sharing.

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