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Surreality, Inc.Now that Odori Park proper is back and running, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction my Surreality, Inc. strips seemed to get. Thanks for reading it, and for all the kind words that you sent my way. It might be the sort of concept that’s tailor-made for life on the Web.

A few of you made specific requests that I keep it around in some fashion. I’m not sure how to juggle that and OP, but I’m considering options. At the very least, I may release a small book collecting all the S.I. strips that ran here, as well as several that you haven’t seen. If you’d be interested in a book like that, I’d be keen to hear about it! Thanks, all!


  1. DadaHyena

    It was a great comic! Someday, when I’m feeling brave, I’ll post the comic submission I made to all of the syndicates.

  2. Chris

    Oh, I’d love to see that!

  3. Spike Matthews

    I enjoyed Surreality - please bring it back again at some point!

  4. Chris

    Thanks, Spike! I’m working on a way to do that!

  5. Spike Matthews

    I say yay!
    >sigh< Another excellent webcomic to add to my ever-growing list… lol

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