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Odori Park on Woody After HoursSo, with all of the unspoken hullabaloo of my past week, I missed a chance to blog about the grand finale of the Odori Park / Woody After Hours crossover. Problem solved: Check out the Pudding Pit aftermath, as Joseph the camera man reveals his secret skill! Doing this series with Ben & Paul at WAH has been a blast. Thanks, guys!

Odori Park in Addanac City
And speaking of secrets, here’s a fun one I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks that can now be told: George Ford, the villainous mastermind behind Hank Addanac’s many schemes over in Addanac City, has crafted a surprise crossover, featuring a visit by Hank’s criminally ridiculous Uncle Jack to the Eastons’ unassuming little book shop. George knows how to turn a punchline–usually multiple times in a single strip–so I got a big kick out of this when George surprised me with it, and now that it’s live, you can, too.

In unrelated news, the Odori Park book is coming along nicely! More news on that in the days to come.

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  1. George

    I thoroughly enjoyed having the cast of Odori Park make their way into the world of Addanac City. Thank you, Chris! :)

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