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Odori Park on Woody After Hours, part 1
By an interesting confluence of happenstance, I and Odori Park are all over the Web today. Covering the bases:

  • Colin & Arisa have been invited to “appear” on Woody After Hours, the webcomic late-night talk show by Ben Carter and Paul Westover, to teach Woody rude Japanese phrases! I started talking with Paul & Ben about the idea a couple months ago, and it’s all kinds of fun to see our characters finally interacting. Check out the first strip of the storyline here:
  • Tony Esteves, creator of Legendary Woodsman, surprised me earlier this week to ask if I wouldn’t mind him drawing up one of my characters for his “Fan Fun Friday” feature (to which I, naturally, said heck, yeah). Little did I expect… Super Sentai Colin!
  • This past weekend, I joined a trek to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, where I ran into some webcomicking friends, like Paul Westover and Meghan Murphy of Kawaii Not. A fun surprise was seeing Adriana Blake of Fall On Me behind a booth. We took a photo to commemorate. (And next show I attend, I’m going to read the guest list more carefully.) :)


  1. Tony

    You went to Canada without telling me? Dude!?!
    Super Sentai Colin was a blast to draw. What colour Ranger would Arisa be?

  2. Jackson

    I’m digging the crossover with Woody After Hours. :)

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