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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Surreality, Inc.: Meet The Staff
2011/4/22 - "Surreality, Inc.: Meet The Staff" First ComicPrevious ComicNext ComicLast Comic
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  1. whitey

    Wow, this a surprise. Should be fun, tho.

  2. George

    Well, I can see the difficulty in trying to tell that one gargantuan guy that he’s not hired, so I guess it’s better to welcome him aboard. :D I like the beginning of this series, Chris!

  3. SpilledInkGuy

    Looks like a wild ride, Chris!
    Looking forward to it! :)

  4. Chris

    Glad to hear you guys are on for the ride; hope you enjoy it all the way through!

  5. dgriff13

    this should be fun.. thanks for sharing your “old” stuff! I know that can be hard… heh

  6. Chris

    Thanks, Dawn! You should thank my wife–this was her idea. You guys get something new to see, and I get to rebuild my buffer, work on guest projects, and put a book together :)

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  8. Edohiguma

    I don’t know. Equal opportunity is such a silly concept. I prefer the “most qualified” approach.

  9. stjerne

    Looks like urban jungle. Did you write that one too? Very cool!

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