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The SuperFogeys Origins: Spy Gal & Friends in Operation: C.O.W., page 9After many months of secret work in the sidelines, and several weeks of updates at Brock Heasley’s SuperFogeys.com, the tale of Spy Gal & Friends in Operation: C.O.W. has officially drawn to a close. Today, Brock posted the final version of the story’s final page. Please click over and read through the entire story. (Click here to start at page one.)

It was a blast for me to work on such a different sort of story compared to Odori Park, and with such dynamic characters. Maybe you’ll see more action adventure from me in the future. Let me know if you enjoyed the run!

(I have also noticed that this post has more colons on display than a proctologist’s office. That must be a record.)

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