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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Making A Change
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  1. Pete Tarkulich

    I have goggles, a face mask, and heavy duty gloves specifically in preparation for this moment.

  2. Tim

    I love how quickly Arisa’s pregnancy transpired in your strip. I recall IRL my wife was pregnant twice - FOREVER!

  3. SpilledInkGuy

    Hahaha… GOOOoooo
    *pinching nose*

  4. reynard61

    It’s the only way to be sure…

  5. George

    Thank goodness for disposable, huh? My wife was looking for the washable kind until I reminded her that she doesn’t do smells well, and that these sort of diapers would have her chained to the washer machine. :)

  6. DadaHyena

    Mail them back to her mother, I guess.

  7. Chris

    Pete: I have no doubt that you are not exaggerating…
    Tim: I have the same recollection. Ain’t comics grand?
    SpilledInk: In our case, we tried a grand total of one cloth diaper. It wound up in the trash.
    Reynard61: …and it’s equally corrosive!
    George: Until the day they come up with self-cleaning diapers, I predict disposables will be a popular, if environmentally unfriendly, choice… :)
    DadaHyena: Fiendish!

  8. Walter

    My family would give a set or two of baby clothes and a half-dozen cloth diapers to those couples who were expecting, with the understanding those would be for dire emergencies only. Just cause unless you wash them, they would most likely end up in the trash. Its funny how many new parents would go the eco-friendly route first, only to discover they hated washing crappy cloth diapers over and over again. (Yes, pun intended.)

  9. Chris

    I’m sure we all meant well… :)

  10. Aaron

    Am I the only one that got the Alien reference? By they way, GREAT comic.

  11. Chris

    Thanks, Aaron! I figured somebody would catch the reference. :)

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