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It’s been quiet on the blog front for the past few weeks, and although the reasons are several, here’s a pertinent one: I have a number of guest projects in the works–my run on SuperFogey’s Origins, for Brock Heasley, is currently nearing its conclusion, and I have other fun irons (some of them, unfortunately, overdue) in that fire, about which I hope to elaborate soon. You’ve seen the results of my overtaxed plate in the form of comics that post later in the day than is normal for me.

On top of the guest projects, I have also been talking for quite some time now about putting prints of the comic strips up for sale, and about getting an Odori Park book together. I hate how long those projects have languished on the back burner!

In the interest, then, of giving these projects a chance to see the light of day–and for you to enjoy them–and in the interest of sleeping more than three hours a night, I have a plan: Starting this week, and through the middle of April, I’ll be reducing Odori Park comic strip updates to twice a week. (I’ll still aim to make posts on Wednesdays, but rather than comics, they’ll be blog posts with sketches, photos, or sneak peeks at these special projects.) Then, starting in the week of April 18th, I’m going to give you a chance to read something different from me–a comic strip submitted to the newspaper syndicates back in 2008 that few people have ever seen. That strip–Surreality, Inc.–will run three days a week for about a month while I attempt to kick book production into overdrive.

Thanks for sticking around! I’m hoping you’ll enjoy seeing the extra comics and materials I’ll be able to share in the next couple months!

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