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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Stork Crossed Lovers
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  1. George

    I think your wife has been talking to my wife, Colin. I’m trying to think before I react, but it’s getting harder and harder. Now that we’re both working simultaneously, she’s ready to have a baby. I’m just happy that we can now eat meat. :D

  2. SpilledInkGuy

    Note to self: Start paying more attention when viewing romantic comedies. *click* :)

  3. John Richards

    It continually astounds me that a woman can endure the agony of childbirth, be driven mad by caring for the little monster day in day out, year after year, and still, somehow, despite all self-preservative instinct, want another one. It just doesn’t make sense. The first child should be the warning for all those to come. Yet, it doesn’t work out like that.

  4. Edohiguma

    Reminds me of the Stargate episode “Heroes”, in which this conversation happened:

    Colonel Dave Dixon: Yeah, all-night screaming, projectile vomiting, nuclear diapers… you have no idea. The reason they make them so damn cute is so you don’t suffocate ‘em in their sleep.
    Senior Airman Simon Wells: Sir, you have *four* kids.
    Colonel Dave Dixon: Yeah, why do you think I enjoy my job so much? Don’t get me wrong, I love the little buggers to death, but trust me, havin’ four kids makes going through a Stargate and facin’ off against alien bad guys look like nothin’. This is relaxing.
    Senior Airman Simon Wells: Then why’d you have four?
    Colonel Dave Dixon: Well, one’s pretty bad, but you figure you gotta have two so the little guy can have a brother or sister, right? Then you have two boys, and the wife says she want a girl so you figure “Hell, three can’t be much worse than two”, right? What you don’t realize is your brain is fried ’cause you haven’t slept. After three, four is no big deal. You’re so deep in it, nothin’ seems to matter any more. It’s chaos. You’re just tryin’ to make it through each day alive. In the end you spend all the energy you have left tryin’ to get ‘em into bed only to lie awake prayin’ they don’t get hooked on drugs, hurt, or worse… wind up dead in an alley somewhere.
    Senior Airman Simon Wells: Can’t wait, sir.
    Colonel Dave Dixon: Yeah, miracle of birth, my ass. I’ll tell you what a miracle is, birth control that works.

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