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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: In Violent Agreement
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  1. Trevor

    And let’s not bring up The Lion King… WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, DISNEY?!

  2. Dustin

    I’d always so shocked at how depressing some kids films are, especially the older “classic” ones that I know. Land Before Time - famine. Anastasia - zombie Rasputin tries to murder a girl. And don’t even get me going on Watership Down!

  3. Chris

    Trevor: Really! It’s shocking. And yet, no gratuitous sex.
    Dustin: Watership Down is the granddaddy of disturbing “kids” animated films. (I’d wager to say it’s not really even for kids, though I remember seeing it in school.)

  4. SpilledInkGuy

    Ha… looking back on some of my childhood entertainment it’s no wonder I’m so… you know… uh… how I am, anyway. :)

  5. DadaHyena

    I totally misinterpreted the “hanging” in Tarzan. Let’s not forget how much near-male nudity was in that movie (a kids’ movie, no less!).

  6. greenknight

    Yet amazingly enough the Disney versions of all the classic fairy tales, though quite violent and/or disturbing, are highly watered down versions of the originals.

    Oddly enough in the 80’s (when I was small) the shows that should have been the violent and or disturbing ones were the tame ones (G.I. Joe and the fact no one ever got worse than a broken leg despite the explosions and heavy gunplay). While the ones meant for the youngest children were just messed up (Smurfs being hunted to be boiled alive in a potion for making gold and later as food; Moncheechees being converted into the evil green dudes, that were hinted to be cannibals several times along with being slavers). It’s a miracle anybody survived to adulthood well adjusted.

  7. Puck

    I do so love enlightening people to how the fairy tales were /really/ written. >D
    Friend: Heh, that stepsister looks pretty ruffled! Whoo, vengeance!
    Me: …. You do realize that in the original Cinderella, one stepsister cuts off her toe, the other cuts off her heel, and then both are blinded by birds on Cindy’s wedding day, right?
    Friend: …… W-what?! That’s awful!
    Me: -shrug- I didn’t write it. Just saying.

    I also love how, according to fairy tales, the best way to open a locked door is to use your finger. Of course, you then have to cut that finger off, but HEY YOU GOT THE DOOR OPEN :D

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