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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: A Fowl Affair
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  1. Remy Creecy

    Did this actually happen?

  2. Chris

    Pretty much, yeah. All except for me actually trying it. The very thought makes me shudder. :)

  3. DadaHyena


    She can sure pack it away for a skinny little woman!

  4. speearr

    Must. Try. This.

  5. 9toes

    I agree with speearr, I must try it.

  6. SpilledInkGuy

    Wasaaaaaaaaabi (hahaha - just when I though I’d gotten those Budweiser commercials out of my head)! :)

  7. Chris

    DadaHyena: She has an extra-dimensional stomach.
    speearr & 9toes: Seriously? I’ve not been able to bring myself to try it. Let me know how it turns out! :D
    SpilledInk: D’oh! Are those guys still around?

  8. George

    Don’t worry, Colin, we’ll never tell on you. :)

  9. speearr

    @Chris: well we won’t be having any turkey till Christmas, so let me get back to you at the end of the month! ;)

  10. Crash

    I do understand about dry turkey, that’s why you have cranberry sauce.

    As for the petti Japanese women packing away the food. I still don’t get it. I’ve been to school parties where it’s all you can eat and I swear they are eating their weight in food and they never gain an ounce. So jealous on that point.

  11. Charlie Spencer

    Brine or marinade your turkey before cooking. If you do that, dry turkey will be as foreign to you as Japanese culture.

    Oh, wait…

  12. Chris

    I see what you did there!

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