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I’ve been remiss in not telling you all about something nifty I did at the onset of the summer. Thanks to the good graces of Mike Churchill, owner of Pulp Nouveau Comix in Canandaigua, NY, and the organizational powers of old teammates Tom Galambos and Greg Lendeck, and awesome newcomer Ben Morey (my cousin, natch), we were able to put together a sequel to the Instances art show we installed at Nazareth College back in February.

Instances 2, which involves another artistic interplay mural–this time painted all over Pulp’s front window space–has been up all summer. I should be up for a little while longer, so if you’re in the area this month, take a drive to Canandaigua, enjoy the changing leaves, and check out Instances 2 at Pulp Nouveau.

Have a look at some in-progress shots of the mural space over at my flickr page.


  1. TheCowComic

    Wait, Tom Galambos as in the big, bald guy that looks like the Kurgan from Highlander Tom Galambos? He was one of my teachers in college.

  2. Chris

    This is a better bit of serendipity than I could have hoped for :) I had no idea you knew Tom, and I am going to have so much fun telling him that he reminds people of the Kurgan :D

  3. Rpgbluesguy

    awesome sir! love how you have colin and son wandering around here and there, nice touch.
    (sorry for the lateness of this responce)

  4. Chris

    Thank you, Pete!
    (At some point, I’m going to use those sketches of Colin and Sprout as pencils for a regular strip; have to multi-purpose!)
    Love hearing from you any time!

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