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I haven’t made any promised updates since my original post on the topic, so I wanted to fill you all in how things are going in Judoville.

I can sum it up pretty easily. When I started out, at the end of each class, I felt basically like this:
Judo: Before

Now, after a month of Judo, I end my classes feeling like this:
Judo: After

Somehow, after multiple throws, tackles, pins, chokes, and armbars, this weird endorphin starts to kick in that makes me like the sensation. Well, maybe like is a strong word. Maybe not want to curl up and whimper.

Really, I think it’s the community feeling at the Judo club (Bushido Kai Judo Club, for the curious) I’ve joined that makes the difference. There’s such a kind, thoughtful and respectful bunch of sensei, senpai, and fellow white belts that I can’t help but feel welcome. (Sort of like going to visit your grandma, and after kissing you on the cheek, she puts you in a full nelson. It hurts, but hey, it’s still gran, right?) Those people have me feeling like I’m really starting to learn some of this stuff.

I’m also enjoying the effects of the physical exertion. I feel stronger (if more tired), and my stomach, which used to resemble an inflated balloon, now looks more like a group of smaller inflated balloons. Sexy! Also attractive are the bruises and friction burns that adorn my body. I had to show off a doozy of a bruise at the office last week. The testosterone compelled me. I’m giddy as a middle school jock.

My wife (who, I should remind you, signed me up for this) is shocked that I have such a desire to continue. She figured the physical abuse would have turned me off already, but I’m raring to keep this up. In fact, that surprise in her voice spurs me on. It’s pure machismo! This is a slippery slope. Please stop me if you see me pounding on third graders at the bike racks.

More to come!


  1. Remy

    Heh. Good times. My instructor was a sixty five year old san-dan who worked with my dad. You wanna talk about rough. I told you ’bout my numb scalp, right?

  2. Trevor Kent

    Hehe, come to kendo with me sometime and you’ll see a sensei really take it out on his students. Or student, as I’m usually the only one there, so I do like…5x the work.

    Then I just take it out on my students the next day. MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  3. Chris

    Remy: Numb scalp?! Can’t even imagine how that happened…
    Trevor: Yeah, getting beaten with sticks sounds like serious abuse :) Sounds like you’re looking for new victims!

  4. Trevor Kent

    Are you volunteering? I can bring my shinai over. :D

  5. Chris

    Hmm… You made it sound so tempting… :D

  6. Bearman

    If I wanted to get beat senseless with a stick I would have joined a fraternity.

  7. Chris

    Yeah, it’s like that, but with less beer.

  8. ANdy

    Oh Chris, this is how martial arts champions are made. I fear that judo will become your new passion, forcing you to choose between Odori and a life of championship belts and direct to DVD films with titles like American Judo Practioner and Judo of the House.

  9. Adrean

    Whoa, six-pack already? O.O (group of inflated balloons)

    I tried Karate but quit when money and the idea of hurting people became an issue. I enjoyed the movement so hope to find something to replace it :/

  10. Trevor Kent

    Adrean: Try looking for a place to do Cardio Kickboxing. It’s the same movement, but its all bag work. Some places focus more on the self-defense, some focus more on the cardio.

  11. Chris

    Andy: LOL. Don’t worry just yet.
    Adrean: Not a six pack. Maybe like two 20oz bottles.
    Trevor: Good idea! I’m with Adrean; I tried karate but didn’t like the direct application of violence, or me or anyone else :)

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