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A little while ago, Brigid Alverson, comics journalist and blogger for the Robot 6 blog at ComicBookResources.com, asked me if I’d be interested in doing an interview with her. Never one to turn down an opportunity for directed navel gazing, I lept at the chance. The interview–which dives a bit into my creative process, my mercenary goals, and the evolution of Odori Park–is now online at:

Please go read! It was a lot of fun, and I’d love to do more for any media outlets so inclined (*unsolicited nudge*).

While thinking about the interview, I realized I’d been remiss in sharing a couple bits of fun buzz from elsewhere on the Web. In a recent episode of their webcomics podcast The Lightbox (which I’ve been enjoying listening to lately, regardless of the plug, honest), creators Chris Flick and Matt Stout made very kind mention of Odori Park. I Tweeted about the nod, but failed to link the podcast. Just check out Episode 40 at the Lightbox site

Also, for those not already in the know, I’m currently working behind the scenes on a SuperFogeys Origins short for Brock Heasley, star-studded creator of The SuperFogeys and Monsterplex. Brock has made a couple posts hinting at the story in recent weeks. It’ll take me a little while to juggle the artwork to completion, but I’m really eager to share this tale with folks. Keep tabs at the SuperFogeys site for updates.


  1. Andy

    Nicely done interview. I’m curious as to what comic your wife was reading. It wasn’t ‘True Story, Swear to God’ by any chance, was it?

  2. Chris

    Thanks, Andy! Actually, it was a Japanese comic, called “Daarin ha Gaikokujin” (”My Darling is a Foreigner”), which, in trying to Google my way to recalling the title, I’ve discovered has been made into a movie: http://www.darling-movie.com

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  4. Andy

    Awesome, thanks Chris!

  5. Chris Flick

    Hey Chris, thanks for the mention and plug in your blog post about the Lightbox Podcast. It’s always great to hear when someone enjoys listening to two guys just talk about webcomics and throw in some of their own methods of operation. Glad you’re enjoying it.


  6. Chris

    Chris, absolutely my pleasure!

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