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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Say What?
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:: Say What? ::


  1. Adrean

    Been working on translating what Arisa said — What I get so far is “… wa kore o tsuburu.” What’s the furigana for the kanji?

  2. Chris

    It might help you translate if I used the correct word :} Arisa is saying: “Tsugi ha kore wo tsubusu?” I originally miswrote “tsuburu, but it’s fixed now. Maybe I should pay more attention in “class.” ;)

  3. Bo Lumpkin

    Sometimes words of any language are not the best form of communication.

  4. Chris

    Well said :)

  5. DadaHyena

    Okay, everyone! On three!



  6. Chris

    Your check will be deposited to the usual account.

  7. George

    Hee-hee! Sometimes us guys can be savvy. :)

  8. adreanaline

    Did Arisa say, “Do you want this to be mashed next?” :D

  9. adreanaline

    no, my bad - it’s more “Should this be mashed next?” Thanks for the romaji!

  10. SpilledInkGuy

    Glad to see a little love didn’t get lost in the translation! :)

  11. Whitey


  12. Chris

    George: Every once in a while, we do get the drop, don’t we :)
    Adrean: Yep, you got it! Glad you commented early this morning, too! ;)
    SpilledInk: Kisses and punches are generally universal :D
    Whitey: もうしわけない。水曜日のはもっとラフな感じ。

  13. Rpgbluesguy

    that strip was so sweet that it hurt my teeth :O

  14. Chris

    Maybe I’ll make a strip about dentists next, just for you, Pete.

  15. David

    HA! That’s sweet. They must be mashed “sweet” potatoes.

  16. Chris


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