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A few weeks ago, I got into a tiff with my sister’s Wii Fit. I took the time to enter some personal data, and follow its instructions, and it had the nerve to call me fat. And that I have the body of someone six years older than me. What an insult to see my unsuspecting little Mii suddenly balloon around the middle and teeter desperately around like a struggling Weeble. Harumph, indeed!

So, on a totally unrelated, but conveniently timed note, my wife encouraged me to give a go to the local community judo club. (Judo being Japanese for “The Way of Self-Inflicted Pain and Humiliation.”) She thought it would be a fun way for me to get some much-needed exercise, perhaps some confidence (it flags, you know), and to get a head start on a program she intends to put our son in when he hits five (so that it’ll prolong his flinging of me onto the mats by a few months). I’ve attended two sessions so far, and I will say, it’s been fun. (Also, that after two classes, I feel like lumbering Imhotep.)

As interesting damage is done to my body, I’ll make periodic posts and tweets. I intend to stick with this, as awkward as it feels. Aside from the fact that we paid for it, and the Scrooge in me intends to milk every penny out of the experience, I also need to get to a skill level where I can adeptly put a choke-hold on my sister’s Wii and hurl it across the room.

Question is, how many classes will it be before they teach us to shoot fireballs?


  1. Remy

    don’t you believe what the Wii tells you. The numbers are completely skewed, as well as the government’s standards.

  2. Chris

    Thanks for the support, Remy, but I knew I was overweight and pre-aged long before the Wii confirmed it for me. :) I chalk it up to a pitiful lack of exercise. When I lived in Japan, spent my days teaching on my feet (instead of sitting at a desk), and had to walk everywhere I went, I felt a million times healthier than I do today, age aside. :D

  3. Bearman

    Sadly when Wii fit did that to my mii, it only made it look more like me.

  4. Chris

    You’re not alone, Bearman. We can share a jelly donut in solidarity.

  5. Andy

    The Wii is ruthless. I was told that I was as fit as the average 44 year old, which is 16 years older than I actually am. Death to the Wii

  6. Bo Lumpkin

    We’ve got one of them things you plug into the wall to keep pests out. I think It will probably keep me safe from that Wii thing, meanwhile I am going to have me another cup of pure columbian coffee. The real stuff.

  7. qka

    The BMI is highly suspect.

    For one thing, it does not differentiate male vs. female. My suspicion is that it is more appropriate for women.

    It has been reported that most of the NBA players, at game weight, are obese. (I don’t even want to think about the NFL.) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. “Presidents Council on Youth Fitness” is also obese, if you believe the BMI.

    Not that most of us shouldn’t lose some weight; I just don’t give the BMI much credence.

  8. Chris

    Andy: Ouch! Making me feel better, though :)
    Bo: Hah! :D
    qka: Thanks for the insight! When the science is suspect, I suppose the best thing to trust is how you feel. (Arnie is rounding a bit, though.) :)

  9. Spencey

    My own experience with the Wii Fit has been quite positive. In September last year, the Wii Fit told me I was Overweight (by a heftier amount than I’m willing to reveal). However, it spurred me on to a diet, which I’ve been sticking to ever since and am now a good way through the normal zone. I’m wearing jeans I couldn’t fit into for years.

    Good luck with the Judo, mate. Don’t let them hurt your drawing hand!

  10. Chris

    Belated thanks, Spencey! I’ll protect my right hand with a fierce passion :) Congrats on the weight loss, too!

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