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Today’s mega-sized guest comic–and the last of the 2010 “Guest-a-Versary” strips–comes from Adrean Clark. Adrean is the former creator of the Comics Bento site, and now posts her comics at her blog www.adreanaline.com/blog, including the excellent story currently running: 8 Ways to Be Deaf. Adrean’s art and writing has a clear and fun tone I really enjoy, and I absolutely love the new perspective on Colin and Arisa that she’s opened up in this guest piece. Having worked with a deaf colleague in the past, and knowing that my wife’s cousin is also hearing impaired, I find a special relevance in Adrean’s comic. And get a load of not just the Japanese text in this piece, but the Japanese Sign Language, too! Thanks, Adrean, for going above and beyond with this strip!

And one more thank you to everyone who sent me a guest strip, everyone who read them, and all of you who visit my site and enjoy Odori Park–I’m eternally grateful!

New strips from my pen start on Monday ;)

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