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I’ve appreciated all of the guest strips I’ve received for this event, but I’d be lying if I said today’s strip, in particular, doesn’t have a special importance to me. I’ve known Al Dorantes (currently posting tales at blackangustales.blogspot.com) and Tony Esteves (creator of the long-running www.cigarro.ca) since my first forays into putting comics under peoples’ noses. They’re good friends, and we’ve enjoyed each others’ company, conversation, and comics, for many years now. This, however, is our first collaboration.

And, even more fun, Al and Tony–although friends of mine–had never encountered each other until this effort. Al, being a comics writer, posted on my Facebook account that he’d be glad to write a strip, to which Tony replied, unsolicited, that he’d be glad to draw it. This is a chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter scenario of the best kind.

Plus, the comic is hilarious. (Check out those links for more of Al’s and Tony’s work. You won’t be disappointed.)

Thanks, guys :) I owe you both!

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