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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Guest Casserly
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Super-sized goodness in the guest comic today, from Aidan Casserly, creator of the dark comedy webcomic Scapula, about the trials of a deviant but largely ineffectual supervillain. The dark comedy vibe runs pretty strongly through his take on Odori Park, too; in all the times I’ve drawn him, I’ve never been unsettled by Sprout the way I am upon seeing the last panel here… The details in this strip are great, from the Where’s Waldo of pop characters, to the photographed Scapula doll (”it’s an action figure!”), I am thoroughly impressed! Thanks, Aidan!


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    [...] goodness in the guest comic today, from Aidan Casserly, creator of the dark comedy webcomic Scapula, about the trials of a deviant [...]

  2. Bearman

    Another great one. I am glad you put mine towards the beginning. I wouldn’t want to follow these guys.

  3. Dan

    A fate Buzz Lightyear almost suffered!

  4. DadaHyena

    I’ll admit I took a lot of liberties with the characters (and not just the maniacal look on Sprout’s face). There’s no way in hell Arisa would let her child within a mile of an explosive of that caliber, and I’d like to think even Colin would have a little more sense than that (…but only a little).

    In any event, I had a load of fun with the characters and it’s great to see my vile cartoon tentacles reaching out and corrupting other fine webcomics out there. Anyone else want me to do a guest strip?

  5. SpilledInkGuy

    Somehow I managed to put my comment under today’s blog. Wow. Sometimes I feel as though my mind has … exploded. Hey … wait a minute … :)

  6. Bo Lumpkin

    Hey… what’s wrong with a little explosives every now and then? Blowing things up is like a man thing.

  7. Anju

    :D Very nice.. how do you create your comics? hand drawn or photoshop?

  8. DadaHyena

    Hi Anju,

    I still draw by hand and scan it in; sadly, I have yet to learn how to fine tune my new scanner so the results above are pretty jagged. I do draw on a Wacom tablet at times but so far my hand-drawn work still comes out stronger (and I can’t afford a Cintiq).

    When it comes to color it’s Photoshop time; I usually keep layers as few and simple as possible (probably only five or six for the comic above).

    Hope that helps!

  9. Chris

    Bearman: On the contrary, I’d say yours set the stage :)
    Dan: To infinity, indeed!
    DadaHyena: I absolutely loved your take, Aidan. :D I’d love to see your interpretation of other comics. Maybe even some of the famous funny page classics. :)
    SpilledInk: You’re in good company, Robert…
    Bo: It’s a rite of passage!
    Anju: Welcome!

  10. George

    This comic really cracked me up! Aidan knows how to peek inside our souls and bring the silly out. :)

  11. Xoer

    why are you blowing up knock off figure of a shocker grunt?

  12. ExPaladin

    I get like this during New Years. >:D

  13. stjerne

    Wait did you miss Toy Story? The toys do not like being blown up and want you to play nice.

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