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Today’s the official one year birthdayversary of Odori Park on the Web. It was a year ago on March 13th that the first strip (from my original newspaper submission package) appeared online, followed by three comics a week for the subsequent 52 weeks. (Phew! Hold, on, that was a lot of math for an arty guy. Let me catch my breath.)

I just wanted to take the occasion to say thank you to everyone who has read OP, posted a comment, shared a link or a tweet, or showed their support in other ways. I feel like I’m still going strong because of all the positive feedback.

And I’m looking forward to another year!
Arigatou gozaimasu!


  1. Bearman

    No. Thank YOU for one year of OP. Congrats.

  2. Kurt Sasso

    Happy Anniversary! Congratulations, it’s a wonderful comic that I enjoy reading from start to finish!

  3. SpilledInkGuy

    I’d just like to echo what everyone else has already said! Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for sharing your amazing work, Chris (I always look forward to stopping by and seeing what’s up in the O.P.)! :)

  4. Spencey

    Thanks for all the geat work on Odori Park. It’s a great comic. Well done.

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