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I’ve been unburying myself lately from some time absorbers, and finally getting back on top of reading my favorite comics and sites. I came across a handful of very kind mentions of Odori Park that I wanted to share:

Delos, proprietor of the webcomic news and review blog ArtPatient, gave OP a very favorable review in his What Did I Learn feature. I was really flattered by the attention Delos paid in diving into the inner workings of my comic. Thanks for taking the time, Delos. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the comic!

Also, way back in November, Tim Dempsey (of the family comedy webcomic My Life in the Trenches) gave OP a positive nod in his Everybody Else is Too Loud podcast. Thanks, Tim, and although we’ve chatted in the interim, here’s a belated welcome aboard!

Last but not least, I caught mention of OP in a recent episode of the fun Digital Strips podcast. Steve and Jason mentioned the possibility of a future OP review, which I’ll be excited to hear if it comes to pass, and in the meantime, guys, thanks for the link!

On a completely unrelated note, let me just remind everyone that, if you’re interested in putting together a guest strip to help me celebrate Odori Park’s first anniversary (and I’d love to post it!) please plan on sending it to me by 3/15 (a couple day extension there; I realized my actual anniversary of 3/13 falls inconveniently on a Saturday) :) Thanks in advance!

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