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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: He Said She Said
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  1. SpilledInkGuy

    Hahaha … the truth is usually somewhere in between, I guess (although that eyeball thing sounds like it would be one impressive trick)! :)

  2. DadaHyena

    No matter who’s really wrong or right, the main point is: SHE’s right!

    I believe Arisa about the eyeball thing as well.

  3. Steal This Webcomic

    History is written by the victor. And in marriage your wife is also the victor!

    This strip reminds me of the Simpsons where Springfield gets a casino. Homer remembers a conversation where Marge supposedly opposed the casino. According to Homer, he received a call from the president, was roughly 7 feet tall and extremely muscular, etc. etc.

  4. Chris

    Spilled Ink: Remember that woman from “That’s Incredible” who could pop her eyes right out of her skull? What little boy didn’t want that talent?
    DadaHyena: You, sir, are a genius.
    Steal This Webcomic: Hah! Oh, I have to show these comments to my wife.

  5. speearr

    Oh man the actual (or alternate?) memory is hilarious!

  6. Edohiguma

    There are no hard to find little side streets. Not if you have a map.

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