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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: White Day
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:: White Day ::


  1. Odori Park » Archive » Japanese of the Week: Giri :: A webcomic comedy of culture shock in love, life, and family, by Chris Watkins ::

    [...] Day is a big giri event in Japan. As suggested in Monday’s comic, giri (as in “giri chocolate”) means roughly “obligation.” At its most [...]

  2. George

    There’s always a catch when it comes to love no matter what country you’re living in. :)

  3. Steal This Webcomic

    Seems like this is how it works in the States, too, it’s just not as formal!

  4. SpilledInkGuy

    I guess my valentines day *gulp* might be translated as *gulp* *gulp* *gulp* ?! :)

  5. DadaHyena

    Oh my! Looks like Sprout’s going to be spending a few nights at the neighbor’s house…

  6. dgriff13

    Well, when the exchange is all on the same day… you have the “OMG, what if he/she gets me something 10x better than what I have him/her?” dilemma. With 2 separate holidays, you get time to plan accordingly.

  7. Luemas

    The thought doesn’t always count ay?
    Well… Even awesome countries like Japan have their drawbacks…

  8. Chris

    George: How true, how true.
    Steal This: Unwanted obligations: The gift that keeps on giving.
    Spilled Ink: :) Well gulped.
    DadaHyena: Ha! I hadn’t even thought of it that way :D
    dgriff13: I guess Japanese society is famous for its efficiencies… :)
    Luemas: The thought definitely counts. I’m sure a lot of women there give very careful thought to what they buy ;)

  9. Odori Park » Archive » Guest Creecy 1 :: A webcomic comedy of culture shock in love, life, and family, by Chris Watkins ::

    [...] received them, but Remy astutely noted that the guest run starts close to the Japanese holiday of White Day, and created accordingly. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to post these right away. And [...]

  10. xoer

    i love how in japan Valentines day and white day Actually were started by the candy companies (valentines by a chocolate company white day by a marshmallow company hence the name) Unlike in the west were we only THINK that’s the case

  11. Chris

    Get outta town! Valentine’s Day was TOTALLY invented by Cupid, after long consultation with Santa Claus.

  12. alecho

    White Day was started too boost up the chocolate sales. Guess what? I know the guy (well, his grandson) who started it all! :)

  13. Edohiguma

    So far I’ve successfully avoided this predicament. I know it’ll eventually catch me, but I will stall it until I’m 105.

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