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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Daikaiju
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  1. Tara

    Haha! Just don’t look!!!

    This is great, as usual!

  2. Bearman

    The burgers always taste like swamp at Blobs Big boy.

  3. Remy

    But of course, without that big monkey, none of the kaiju would be here.

  4. Chris

    Tara: Thanks :) (Side note: My wife has told me that, were I in a monster movie, I’d be the guy who trips running away and gets eaten. Sigh.)
    Bearman: Hah! Oh, the taste that tastes you back.
    Remy: Or, at least, not without Ray Harryhausen’s influence! Welcome, by the way, Remy!

  5. SpilledInkGuy

    Hahaha - or really even mid-sized monsters, for that matter! :)

  6. DadaHyena

    I could get into a big fanboy debate about Harryhausen vs Tsuburaya…but I’ll leave that to the dweebs in “G-Fan”. For here and now I’ll just say that I love this installment.

    So who gets to be Rodan?

  7. John K

    don’t forget about the 50 foot woman!!!

  8. Chris

    SpilledInk: We do okay with man-sized monsters, though. Love me some mummies, wolfmen, and zombies… :)
    DadaHyena: :D What if it were really Rodin? Look out, it’s an enormous 19th century French sculptor, run!
    John: Ah, how could we forget?

  9. George

    Wow! That was mega-exciting! And you’re right about American monsters. :D

  10. Chris

    Sound effects make everything more exciting! Try applying a verbal soundtrack to your next meeting or social event. Instant fun!

  11. Nate Fakes

    Love the graphics on this one!

    Hey, I’m finally getting back on “the scene” with a new comic. http://www.burnttoaster.com . Hopefully I’ll make the rounds more often now!

  12. alecho

    Imagination running wild :) Hey, he’s back to being a monkey :)

  13. Puck

    … No one mentions the Stay-Puft man? I’m not even a GB fan and that was one of the first I thought of. =/

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