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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Fright Or Flight
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  1. Bearman

    What’s it mean….now I am afraid of death and words I can’t understand.

  2. Chris

    It wouldn’t be Monday without a healthy dose of dread, right? (Colin gives a translation in his punchline. I just wonder, in retrospect, if Mr. Bloodharvest isn’t a little small in panel three. Que sera sera…)

  3. Samantha

    As a child, I had a little plastic skeleton I carried around whose name was “Mr. Bones.” I can identify with Sprout! Hahahah

  4. David

    Deathblade Bloodharvest…. hmmm… doesn’t he come down the chimney and hand out presents on Christmas? I could be confusing him with the Easter Bunny.

  5. Chris

    Samantha: I want a Mr. Bones! That’s awesome.
    David: No no no. On Decemberween, Abraham Lincoln rides a golden chariot down the rainbow bridge to bring deathnotes to all good cats and dogs.

  6. George

    Deathblade Bloodharvest, huh? That sounds like the name of a fearsome sesame street gang. :)

  7. Lendeck

    This looks great Chris! I don’t know what you were so worried about. I have to admit I didn’t realize the figurine was Death-blade - I thought it was just a toy - not that it matters to the story. The figurines size is fine Mr. Puckerpants…sqeeee. Our house also has a Mr. Bones that the kids play with. it can be positioned and glows in the dark.

  8. Chris

    George: You may be on to something there…
    Greg: Thanks! The massive shrink-down from 15″-high wall art to 290 pixel high web art helps a lot :) *squee*

  9. Bryan

    Decemberween? Kudos for the H*R reference!

  10. Chris

    Anything for you, Biscuitdoughhandsman! I mean, Bryan!

  11. SpilledInkGuy

    I love all the cross-cultural references in O.P., Chris - very interesting!
    By the way, could you spell out (roughly) how that is pronounced (I have a feeling that info would be very useful on trivia night)!

  12. Chris

    Ha! Trivial Pursuit: Tower of Babel edition :)
    It’s read: Chimatsuri DehsuBurehdo.
    Really glad you like the culture mix, Robert!

  13. dgriff13

    My favorite Halloween decoration was a full size blow-up skeleton. I used to tie floss to it’s head, and yank it up out of a seating position to scare other kids. ahhh, meeeeeeemories….

  14. John K

    ANNND cultures clash!

  15. Chris

    dgriff13: That’s beautiful. You must have had one of those houses on the block all the kids want to visit on Halloween.
    John: Clang! Tonight, for a snack, I ate some popcorn, and my wife ate cup ramen. How’s that for a pair of cultural signposts?

  16. tom galambos

    Chris, I can hear the tightening, but you have nothing to worry about as far as quality. I don’t notice any drop off in cripness from you computer generated strips. Yeah, the figurine is a little small to read as mr. Harvest, but doesn’t negatively affect the strip.

  17. Chris

    Thanks, Tom. I was generally pleased with the transition of the art to the computer. Or the Satan-box-ophone, as you call it. :)

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  19. Puck

    Wait, skeleton decorations on Halloween are supposed to be scary? I didn’t realize that….
    Probably why we had a life-size torso with demonic faces pressing out from the skin over the abdomen and chest instead…..

    Man, I wonder where that thing went….

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