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I took some photos of the “Instances” gallery show (at Nazareth College’s Colacino Gallery through the 5th) before we really dig in to the mural walls (walls, mind you, not wall, as previously indicated; Tom and Greg have arranged them into four distinct surfaces, for four times the fun!). Have a first look via my Instances flickr set.


  1. SpilledInkGuy

    So cool, Chris! Looks like a great space to display / share your work! Congrats!!! :)

  2. Chris

    Thanks, Robert! I was very pleased with the results. My friends are very good at making my work look decent :)

  3. RPGBluesguy

    wow! sweetness! congratz again bro :)

  4. Chris

    Thanks, Pete! I’ll keep posting pics as the show continues; maybe after I get some shots of the mural walls in progress.

  5. speearr

    I can’t access Flickr from work (WHY WHY?) so I’ll take a look later. Sorry I’m late to the party…! But how cool is seeing your comic hanging on a wall? Very coool.

  6. Chris Watkins

    Thanks, speearr :) Yeah, I’ll admit, seeing all the work up when I first walked in produced a very nice feeling :)

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