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While still in the looming shadow of the approaching New Year, I blogged about an initiative launched by Lora Innes, of The Dreamer, to rally the forces of webcomicdom into a project to incite folks to donate to a worthy cause. The cause in question: The struggle to raise awareness, and help put an end to, human trafficking. The project: A massive wallpaper illustration of nearly a hundred female characters from across the webcomicverse.

Being that January 11th is Human Trafficking Awareness Day, Lora has chosen today to launch the actual donation drive. The wallpaper is ready, and looks awesome. The donations button–which will net you the wallpaper, natch–is right on the front page of the CCA website: http://comicalliance.weebly.com

As a side note of interest: I recently learned, courtesy of an NPR piece, that human trafficking is one (maybe the top?) of the Yakuza’s chief illicit money makers these days. I thought back to my time living in Japan. There was a section of the town where I lived (not a bustling metropolis, by any means) that looked like it could have been pulled straight out of a Webster’s dictionary entry for “red light district.” Even in my own apartment building, there was a floor known to be populated solely by low-level Yakuza (“chinpira”) and a bevvy of their Filipino bar “hostesses.” In retrospect, I wonder whether any–and how many–of the women in that neighborhood, and in my own apartment, we somehow forced to work in the “water trade.” Food for thought.

Okay, so, go check out the site, and get that wallpaper! (See if you can identify all the characters.)


  1. DadaHyena

    Glad to see Arisa made it into the front row (my character’s falling out of the sky, flailing like a chicken!). It’s nice to know that our goofy webcomics can be used for a good cause every so often.

  2. Chris

    Thanks! Awesome to see we were both in on this–and George Ford, too, if you didn’t catch notice. :)

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