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Odori Park by Chris Watkins: Arts And Cramps
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  1. speearr

    Lol! Kinda glad Colin isn’t a webcartoonist…

  2. Bearman

    That kid has talent. Just imagine what he will be doing at 12.

  3. Paul

    The resemblance is uncanny! :P

  4. Chris

    speearr– I dunno. I hear stick figures are all the rage.
    Bearman: “You’re gonna be a star, kid!” Colin: “Um, I’m 34, sir.”
    Paul– Uncanny as in, he looks like a mutant? ;)

  5. Scott Gallatin

    This just tickles my funny bone!

  6. John K

    Evolution at work!

  7. SpilledInkGuy

    I think that’s a great ‘drawring’ - destined to be a star-o-the-fridge!

  8. George

    He’d make a great monkey sometimes, though. :)

  9. DadaHyena

    Love the third panel ‘beat’ (the changed expression adds a lot). Nice job!

    Would you accept fan-art of your cast as monkeys?

  10. Chris

    Scott: Mission accomplished! :)
    John: Not devolution?
    SpilledInk: Hello, Simon, you like to do drawrings?
    George: True, among other animals.
    DadaHyena: Thanks! And I am never one to turn down fan art of any species :)

  11. dgriff13

    yet again, you must be watching my fiance and I from your crystal ball…. anytime he draws something, this is usually the outcome.

    Love how the expression changes, heh

  12. Adrean

    I love your idea here! :D Very original approach!

  13. Chris

    dgriff13: Thanks! No worries, I haven’t been spying with a crystal ball (I use a palantír).
    Adrean: Thank you! I’ve rediscovered crayons through my 4yo son :)

  14. SpilledInkGuy

    Aaaahhh! You nailed that reference, Cheeky monkey!

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  16. alecho

    Hahahaha, the uncanny resemblance!

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  18. ExPaladin

    Perhaps he needs to do some speed sketching in front of a mirror. :P

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